Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Today was a no gym day. It was a much deserved break although I did feel a little bad about not going.  I've been doing really well at going and making sure that am working really hard to get a fantastic workout.  I have trust me, my legs and butt tell me I have been!

I've been doing Women's health - loose 10lbs (or more) in 6 weeks. run/walk program. (here)  Although I will admit I haven't really been doing the exercises it says.  I've just been doing the run/walk thing on the treadmill and then my own strength training at the gym using the circuit.

I've already noticed a difference from the first time I ran, I can do it longer and without loosing my breath as much.  It's great!  I plan to be running for the full 20 minutes in no time!

Oh yeah and the whole writing my food down in my blog everyday wasn't doing it for me.  I found it a little boring and who the heck really cares what I'm eating each and every day.  I use SparkPeople to track my nutrition so it seemed silly to post it here and I wasn't even including calories and stuff so it just seemed silly.


I think I'm going to bring my 101 list from my photography blog over here.  It doesn't really make sense to keep it there because I really want to focus that on just my photography.  A place that clients can get sneak peaks, What to wear Wednesdays and tips for photography.

So this will become my "Weight loss, family, personal" blogging thing! :)  Stay tuned for updates and videos and all the things that make a blog!  I'm excited!  Maybe one day I'll be a super popular mommy blogger just like all the other mom blogs I read and get totally jealous of! :)

Stay tuned!


  1. I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog and said we are kind of in the same position and I myself am keeping a blog. It helps me feel accountable to someone other than myself.

  2. I don't keep a blog I was, but I'm not good at keeping up with it. However like the previous person I'm in the same ship you two are. trying to loose weight and seeing a big difference already. Keep it up!