Monday, February 08, 2010

Make it 3

I really wanted to post some pictures of the shower I helped host on Sunday.  Here they are! Enjoy!

Katie (mom) opening gifts - a beautiful quilt from her grandmother that was made of PJ materials

I was asked to take this picture.  It's 5 generations! Great Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mom and baby!  Amazing!


Great Great Grandma and her little girl! (I love this picture)

I couldn't not include my little monkey!  She was so good the entire time we were there!  I just love her so much! :)


  1. These pictures are very good. That looks like it was a really nice place to have a shower. Of course the last pic of my little sweetheart is gorgeous. Those beautiful eyes. She definately has her mommy's eyes.

  2. wow I love the one with the 5 generations...amazing! Your little girl is beautiful, I love those eyes.