Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just because I'm sure everyone is interested....

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I worked all weekend at painting my bedroom. Well it was more like a couple hours here and there and I'm still not complete because  we choose one of the worst colours to actually paint on the wall and needs at least 8 hours in between each coat, and the first coat goes on really bad - blah, it sucked...but anyway the reason for this post..

I've had a huge pouring in of e-mail asking about the colours we choose, I'm totally kidding not a single person e-mailed me, but it sounded good right?

Anyway, just for the record here are the colour's and their names

Sensible Hue - it's actually a bit more creamy than it is white like the picture shows.  It'll be the the 3 walls around the bed
Red Brick - this colour is the colour behind our bed.  It was the colour that was such a pain to paint on and still might actually need a 3rd coat!
Belgian Sweet - the brownish colour is actually going to be the en suite, we haven't bought the paint yet which is why I didn't cross that off my list of 101 things to do.  Once the bedroom is complete the en suite is next! :)

Anyway, have a great Tuesday and I'll be back later to update my weight and add a new weekly picture to the slide show on the right.

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  1. i love the colours you picked out although when you told me you were painting I asked you what colours! :) Dark colours always go on looking terrible the first coat I find. Hopefully it will all turn out fine in the end!