Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gym, Oh Gym Where have you been?

It's been a long time since I was at the gym!  When I found out I was pregnant and then started to feel the side effects of being pregnant *the excessive ALL day sickness, sleepyness, etc* I just couldn't make it to the gym.  I had better things to do, like hang my head in the toliet or drive around at lunch time for 20 minutes trying to find something that might make me feel a little better.  Actually usually it was Chris driving and me laying in the front passanger seat saying "we might need to pull over in a minute so I can throw up".  It's been tough that's for sure but of course I would never trade it for anything - I know it's for a good reason that I want to hurl everytime I walk into the kitchen....I'll have a beautiful baby in my arms sometime in October/November.  It'll pass and I will forget all about the nasty taste in my mouth that won't go away after throwing up first thing in the morning after already brushing my teeth. :)

Anyway the reason for this post!  Today at lunch Chris and I took a walk over to the gym and I actually got a really good workout done in about 25 minutes.  I only did intervals on the treadmill but it was great!  I was sweaty when I was done and I felt good!  I was happy to have the energy to be back at the gym and feeling good!  I hope I can keep it up now! :)

I will have to invest in something to wear at the gym soon because I noticed that my gym shirt was starting to get pretty tight around my tummy!  Yes, I'm 15 weeks along and already starting to show!  It's crazy, although whats crazier is that my mom, and sister both thought when I was about 8 or 9 weeks along that I was huge and people were going to start questioning me. :S  I think since then I've leveled out though, I'm not huge or anything but I definitely have a baby bump.  I'll have some pictures to post tonight! :)  *Lets hope I still have the energy to do that*

I'm really starting to get excited about this pregnancy - at my last appointment with the midwife we got to hear the baby's heart beat.  It is such an amazing sound, knowing that you're growing this little life inside of you is just incredible.  And now that I'm starting to feel better I'm sure I"ll really start LOVING this pregnancy.  I absolutely loved being pregnant with Hannah and really missed it after she was born.  I can't wait until I get that very distinct kick in the gut that is an instant reminder that I've got a wee person on the inside!  It's incredible!

Anyway, the reason for this post is just a quick update about the gym!  I really want to continue with the gym my entire pregnancy this time - I stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Hannah.  I'll keep you posted with how that goes! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Huge? Did we really say that? LOL...if we did it was meant in a good way obviously! I"m glad you got a chance to go to the gym but as your mom...please be careful!

    Love you and I'm so happy to hear you are somewhat feeling better. Now if only we can get the allergies to settle down for you!

    I loved being pregnant as well and missed it for years after having you and your sister.

  2. Good job walking to the gym and then working out. Wish I could walk to the gym...but then again it probably wouldn't make a difference. I do need to get off my lazy fat butt and get healthier...for myself and for my daughter. How can I instill good habits in her if I don't exemplify them myself? Looking forward to see how you're doing. Stopping in for the D List party.