Friday, May 14, 2010

Decisions Decisions Decisions....

It seems that as a mother the minute we get pregnant we go into overdrive with all the things we "need", want or should have for the unborn baby. 

Okay maybe it's just me, but I have recently started a list of things I "need" (and I put "need" in quotes because I know just as well as all you other been there done that moms that when newborn comes home that all you really need are a pair of boobs and something for the munchkin to wear)  but anyway, first on that list is - Cloth Diapers!  Lately I've been excessivly researching cloth diapers.  I know for a sure we want to do cloth diapers on our own this time, when Hannah was born we used the diaper service in our area until she was 9 months old.  Then they just got WAY to bulky and expensive so we switch to disposable. 

This time around I really want to buy my own "stash" of diapers and go for it.  I've keep reading and hearing from everyone I talk to that it's easy and really isn't that big of deal to wash your own.

So, how's a mom to choose?  There are so many freakin' kind of diapers with so many cute prints, really how am I suppose to choose??  I've been online looking around at reviews of diapers, webistes of cloth diapering mommas, I just haven't actually been to the store.  Chris says it's way to early to be thinking of diapers because I am only 3 and a half months pregnant.  I just feel I need to know and NOW.  I need to know what's out there for me and holy freakin' cow there are A LOT!!!

Take for instance just the different types of diapers that are available

HybridAll in One (AIO)

All in twos (AI2) Heck there's even, All in threes! (AI3)

Then with each of them comes the different brands!  If you don't believe me check out Kellys Cloest and see for yourself just how many types of diapers there are!  It's crazy!

So seriously HOW do I choose?  What's the best route to choose the best diaper for a baby that isn't even born yet?  I need help!!!

And just because it's so darn cute - here's yet another video!  This time it's cloth diapered babies dancing!  Check it out!

This was created and posted by Kim R over at Dirty Diaper Laundry she has been a huge resource to me over the past couple of weeks while researching my diapering dilemma! She does great video reviews on different diapers and talks lots about the diapers available to everyone.  Check out her website if you get a second, she always does some great giveaways! :)

Anyway, I`m reaching out to my "Fanbase" again and wondering, if you cloth diaper what do you use and how the heck did you decide what to use??

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