Friday, May 28, 2010

A decision has been made

In case you didn't read my post regarding our deciding which cloth diapers to use check it out here.
We sat in an hour and a half workshop on Wednesday night with a wonderful and very knowledgeable Kristen from Eaton Family Eco babies (seriously she was great, check out her website and make sure to e-mail with any questions she has. She's fantastic!) I went in already knowing ALOT about cloth diapers, I've done days and days worth of research to find out the different kinds available, the best available, how to wash them, how to take care of them, etc. You name it, I've read it! I just wanted to get a chance to touch all the diapers, feel what they had to offer, get some personal feedback and then make the decision.
Well ladies (and gentlemen) I've made a decision! And just in case anyone is interested in knowing what we're going to purchase.

Prefolds for when the baby is first born. There's no point trying to put a One size diaper on a newborn, even though they are suppose to fit, they don't! We've already got covers from when Hannah was in cloth so why not use them!
We are also going to purchase 24 Baby Kanga diapers! (Look at all the colours we get to choose from!!).

Are thought is! Get this...

Hannah is 2. Currently she wears disposable diapers (trust me, this is hard for me). We'll get the Kangas for her to wear now until she is potty trained. Hopefully long before the baby needs to wear the kangas. Hannah will be 2.5 when the babe is born, she'll have probably another 4 months of "potty training" before the baby changes over to kangas. Therefore she'll be almost 3 years old (WHAT!!!), I think this will work! :)

I'm so excited!!!!

I'm working out the cost of all this up front and I think I've got it figured out!

Currently Eco Babies has a special on Kangas (buy 3 get the 4th free). Therefore if we need 24 we'll pay for 18 and get 6 free. Not bad.

Price per itemAmount neededTotal
Prefolds (package of 6)$16.504$66.00
Baby kangas$17.5018$315.00
Bamboo stuffers$8.756$52.50
diaper pail$31.951$31.95
diaper must haves$165.951$165.95

- 2 small wetbags
- 2 large laundry bags
- 10 microfleet liners
- 1 Happy Heiny spray
- 1 biosoft liner (pkg 100)
- 20 bug wipes
- 1 change pad
- 2 swimmis

Claudia's choice laundry detergent$28.991$28.99
with tax$746.24

So there you have it! The total breakdown of how much it will cost for us to finish diapering Hannah and also diaper out new baby until he/she is fully toilet trained. Not too shabby eh? Sure it's a pretty hefty amount to fork out all at once but the cost savings in the long run are totally worth it and think of all the stuff we are not putting in our landfills or on our precious baby bums!

I'm totally happy with that decision and really hope it works out for us in the end! :)

I'll keep you posted on when we get the diapers and how cloth is working with Hannah at 2 years old! :)


  1. That is exciting that you have found the right diapers that will work best for you and the baby and of course Hannah too!

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    We did something similar with Olivia and it worked well! I had 1 doz prefolds and then 16 of the larger velcro ones (and 2 covers in each size) which meant laundry every 2-3 days. I think I will get more next time so that I can do washing less often (the #1 enviro complaint about do-it-yourself over diaper service)