Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gotta get my camera ready....

We're taking Hannah to see Elmo! :)

How fun is that! We're heading to Toronto tomorrow morning for a fun filled day.   We got her tickets to see Elmo's Green Thumb show for her birthday.  She obviously didn't understand it when she opened the card to see the tickets but  I really hope she likes it and it's not to much for her to take in. 

I love Sesame Street and watched it a lot when I was a kid.  I'm probably just as excited as the next kid to be going and seeing the characters dancing and singing!  I'm excited but shhhh don't tell anyone!!! 

I'll have lots of pictures to show when we get back...and seriously I'll post them.  I know, I know I'm still missing the birthday pictures! :(  I'll have them up tonight I PROMISE!!!!

Anyway, wish us luck!  It should be a good day!  Fingers crossed Hannah doesn't get scared by the customs, we're sitting right up close (I think the 3 row). 

I'll be back with an update (and pictures) on Tuesday, we're heading off to the trailer after the show and hopefully the weather will be nice enough for use to stay there the entire time!  It's Victoria Day weekend (monday is a holiday) so it'll be nice to enjoy the trailer for a full weekend.  I'll have pictures from the trailer too!  Chris and I have been working on the gardens around the trailer to make them look better and it's really starting to look nice!  I love it!
So stay tuned, you'll at least have a lot of pictures to look at when I get back!

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  1. Woohoo! Sounds like a fun day was in store for the Shiell family and being I am reading this after that fact I know for sure it was a fun day!!!!