Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sting like a bee!

Ouch, today at lunch I was stung by a bee!  It's been many years since I've been stung but I have been stung so I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to them.  It hurt like heck though and it's been about 2.5 hours and it's still hurting!  The swelling is gone down a bit now but as you can see from the pictures it is swollen a little.

My left hand (not the hand that stung)My right hand (red and swollen from the bee)

And just because I was in the bathroom with my cell phone in my pocket (I know it's really kind of weird) but I figured I'd take a picture of my big ole' belly.  Here I am 30 weeks 2 days pregnant with baby #2.  Any suggestions for names?  We're still stuck on "Baby Brother" LOL

Oh well, that's it!  Just a random post from me today! :)  Stay tuned for Part II of Hannah's birth story!  It'll be up tomorrow! :)

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