Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review - Bummis Prefolds

I'll put my disclaimer first - I was not given any products or compansation for this review. I purchased all diapers and inserts myself and am giving my honest opinion about this product.

I purchased 24 organic cotton prefolds to use as both inserts in the Baby Kangas I purchased (see my Baby Kanga Review) as well as inserts for a cover for when our new addition arrives in October/November.  I had heard great things about using prefolds with newborns and am very exicted to try that out when baby boy arrives.  In the mean time I am going to "review" the prefolds as inserts for Baby Kangas as well as inserts in a cover (their original purpose) on a two year old night time diaper wearer.

If you're interested in learning more about prefolds and how to use them I'll leave that up to the experts, you can find all kinds of information at the Bummis website!  They are very informative and have lots of available information ready at your finger tips.  Examples of things you'll find include "Why Cloth Diapers", washing instructions, what to do if you have residue, etc.  Check it out, it's a great resource even if you don't use Bummis products.

Anyway, my review of Bummis Prefold diapersI love them!  It's as plan and simple as that.  They are super easy to use, absorb a TON and I have nothing to complain about.  We've been using both the SuperBrite wrap and the WhisperWrap and I will admit I do have a favorite between the two of them.  (Check out my quite review/post here). 

I don't have a lot to say about the prefolds other than they are very simple to this quick video to see just how simple it is. 

They have worked wonderfully for night time as well.  Currently we put two prefolds in a cover.  One of them is folded in the fan fold and the other is just trifolded down the center of the fan folded prefold.  We haven't had any leaks at all!  In the morning both prefolds are typically soaked with pee but Hannah is dry and doesn't have nasty red marks on her chuncky thighs.  BTW - we are using the infant prefolds for my two year old.

Ease of use - Simple Simple Simple, even my husband puts them on my daughter at night time. 

$$$ - at $16.50 for 6 prefolds and about $13.00 a cover (you can use a cover multiple times in one day) you really are getting a very cheap but effective way to cloth diaper your baby and save the environment.

Performance - Amazing!  We haven't had ANY leaks with these.  Another great thing about the covers - when we go for long car rides we throw on a cover over Hannahs "big girl panties" just in case she has an accident before telling us she has to pee.  We actually haven't had any accidents but it's a great way to help prevent accidents all over the car seat.

Fit - Great fit!  At night time with 2 prefolds it VERY bulky but no different than if I had to stuff and double stuff a pocket for absorbancy!

Overall - Love them!  They are currently my go to diaper for night time!


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