Thursday, September 09, 2010


We did it!  We signed Hannah up for dance, we've purchased the outfit, the shoes, the tutu! :)  I can't believe how incredibly excited I am to have her dance at such a young age!  I ALWAYS wanted to be in dance!  I thought of even joining when I was about 18 but figured I had already missed so much there wasn't much point!

We found a studio that offers children 2 and older classes in both Ballet, and Tap/Jazz.  Each class is 1/2 hour long so we signed her up for both back to back.  I think it'll be a great experience for her.  It's expensive, no doubt about it (no wonder my mom, on a single person's income couldn't afford to enroll me) but I'm hoping she loves it, gains confidence and just has a great time doing it!  They even have a end of year recital!  Are you kidding me?!  I'm sure there will be MANY tears seeing my little girl on such a big stage - they do a big production at one of the Universities in the area (holds 700 people) and they include the little tots!  I can't wait!!

We got home last night after having a family dinner out and she wanted to try on all her "new stuff", once she got her tap shoes on it was non-stop!  She loved the sound they made on the ceramic floor and she loved doing twirls and spins! Talk about precious!

That's hubby talking - as you can tell, we're big fans of So You Think you can Dance (or Prance as he calls it!)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I'm sitting here in tears thinking of all you and your sister missed out on when you were growing up and seeing how excited you and Hannah are makes me feel happy knowing she will be able to do these things. Nana can't wait to go and watch you in dance classes and swimming lessons and Keira in her swimming lessons.