Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My bags are packed I'm ready to go....


I've got my gym clothes washed, and my bag at the front door so I won't "forget" to bring them with me tomorrow when I leave for work!

I'm going to the gym! *Do a little dance!* It will be my first day doing my "Running for Weight Loss" from Women's Health.  I'm pretty sure I linked to it somewhere but if not I'll try to find it and repost it here!  So even though it's suppose to start on a Monday I'll just make Wednesday my Monday! :)  I'm looking forward to it, I've got my iPod all loaded with some new music for my workout and I'm going to feel darn good doing it! :)

Stay tuned for the post workout update!  It'll be good I'm sure.  Hopefully I don't have any stories like I totally slipped right off the treadmill and skinned my face all along the floor as I screamed and everyone came running to my rescue.  Hopefully it'll be stories like some tall, thin man/women with an amazing body stopped me to tell me I've got great form and look like I've been running for years!  Haha, doubt it!  But keep posted anyway! :)

And I'm hoping I'll have a picture up of me soon enough - I keep forgetting to ask Chris to take a picture of me!

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