Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fluffy Tuesday!

We picked up all but 10 of our diapers on Friday evening!  Hannah was excited when we got to EcoBabies because Kristen's kiddos where there watching her favorite cartoon - Caillou!  She sat up in the chair and watched like such a sweetheart while we got all our "stuff" (pun intended) in order!  I was so excited to get home and throw the diapers in the wash so we could start our cloth diapering!

I put them in the wash once Hannah went to bed and the next morning they were ready for a bum!  Well first I had to stuff them!  Thanks to Hannah we had that under control!

Yes, she is wearing a bib!  She was suppose to be eating her breakfest!

Hannah loved helping me out and stuffing all the diapers!  It made the process a few seconds longer but it was so fun and so darn cute to watch her try her hardest to do what mommy was doing.  I am also super excited that she's just as happy and excited about cloth as I am! :)
This is our new stash of cloth diapers (we are missing 10 diapers, Kristen didn't have enough gender neutral colours in stock).

I also bought all the prefolds we are going to use on the new baby, cloth wipes, inserts, wet bags, laundry bags, liners, you name it, we are ready to diaper some bums!  I did have a picture of all of it together but it didn't upload to Flickr so it's still at home on my computer! :( But it's really pretty!  I really never thought I'd be so excited about cloth diapers!  But I am!!!!

So far they have worked out AMAZING!  We haven't had any major leaks a bit of wicking around the legs but nothing we can't deal with and fix!  I've been reading up online to see what others are saying and it looks like we're running into the same thing everyone else does when they make the swtich to cloth!

Anyway, I leave you with a couple of pictures of my "fluffly" butt modeling her new orange and favorite colour of BK

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  1. These pictures are just the absolute cutest! I can just imagine her helping mommy stuff the diapers. Whenever I was there working on laundry she always liked to help nana "fold" the clothes (of course in the cutest way little helpers can fold). She is definately going to be mommy's big helper when the new baby comes along.

    Glad you found some diapers that you are happy with and hope it all works out well for you.