Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomorrows the big day!

Tomorrow we'll be finding out if baby is a boy or girl

I'm so excited and a little freaked about about the whole thing.  It's really hard to believe that tomorrow I'll actually be that much closer to knowing my baby.  We'll soon have a name for him or her and we'll be able to get started on the bedroom and getting things ready for our new bundle!   It's really crazy how quickly this pregnancy has gone.  I remember who long the whole thing seemed to be with Hannah - waiting for that first flutter, waiting for my belly to start getting bigger, etc.  Now I don't have time to wait for all of these things.  We're always on the go with Hannah and it seems that everything has just sort of crept up on us.  I mean seriously I'll be almost 21 weeks! Wow!

We've started the process of converting my scrapbooking/junk room into Hannahs new big girl room!  It's quite a bit bigger than the room she has now and has 3 windows as oppose to her 1 she has now!  We've done the first coat of paint just this past weekend.

This is the colour we choose -  I think?  I was just going by memory for the name of the colour.  Anyway I think it's called Celery ice or something like that.  It looks a lot like this although I think maybe it's a bit brighter on the walls.  It looks fantastic!  Acutally I think if we Chris had a choice, he would probably re-paint every room in the house this colour.  I like it but not quite that much!  I'll try and get some pictures of it tonight.  Right now it's just painted from the ceiling to about half way.  We're planing wainscoting for the bottom half of the room which will be painted in a white!  I think it's going to look wondeful!

Anyway, after our ultrasound tomorrow morning we're heading up to the trailer so there probably won't be an update on here until we get back Sunday.  Keep posted!

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  1. So excited! I know i'm posting after the fact but I waited paitently on friday for the verdict! I knew all morning what it was (of course it was my original thought, which was all of a sudden changed a bit ago)but I'm just so excited and of course nervous!