Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Help Jill #helpSam

I'm sure a lot of you have heard heartbreaking stories of babies, toddlers, and young children sick with cancer. This story is one of those.

This little guy, Sam is just 5 months old and has stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma, he's been given a 30% cure rate!

Jill at BabyRabies needs you're help!  She's started this amazing fundraiser to help raise money for the family who is struggling to make ends meet.  With medical bills increasing drastically they wonder how they can afford groceries, gas for their vehicle, house payments, etc. 

Cassie (Sam's mom) spoke with Jill about their financial situation.
In order to take care of Sam I dropped to PRN or “as needed” status with my job, which meant that we were no longer eligible for benefits and starting in June will be paying for Cobra. My husband’s employer does not offer insurance and my husband and I are not eligible for private insurance due to preexisting conditions. At first I entertained the notion that I could still work 3 days a week, but soon realized that wasn’t feasible. We’ve only spent a handful of nights out of the hospital since his diagnosis.
Sam was approved for passport (medicaid.) The reason we would like to keep Cobra coverage for him in addition to the passport is because if for some reason he is dropped from passport and we need to add him back on the cobra plan there is a chance that there will be a waiting period before any preexisting conditions are covered if there is any lapse in coverage. We’re trying to play it as safe as possible. Cobra seems like a lot for us to pay for but is nothing compared to the astronomical amount we would have to pay for just ONE admission without insurance. But if worse comes to worst, my husband and I will just go without insurance.
I don’t know if this is divulging too much, but with my husband’s paycheck we can pay for our mortgage and bills and that’s it. There’s no extra for food or gas or necessities… and there’s really not $1,500 extra for Cobra. Next month our car will be paid off which will help. We are truly just trusting that God will provide and so far he has.
Let's help!  A little goes a long way!  If you'd like to help this family and help Jill reach her goal of $7500 please donate here.  Jill has some wonderful fundraising prizes that you're name will be entered into for just donating $5. 

I just couldn't image not helping.  What if that had been my child?  How would we afford to pay for the things needed?  I can not imagine the stregth this family must have!  They need you help and just a simple donation can help!

You can read all about this family on their blog here
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