Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 things that make me smile everyday!

This is just a quick post because I woke up this morning and thought, can life get any better than this?
  1. Hearing Hannah first thing in the morning scream call me through the monitor.  It doesn't matter what day it is, it always starts with "MMMAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAA"
  2. Feeling Baby boy first thing in the morning, dancing away inside as if to say "Good morning Mama"
  3. Walking into Hannahs room every morning and seeing her beautiful smile looking back at me
  4. Taking her back to my room with "Elmo, dolly and SuSu" (susu is her name for her soother). So we can snuggle and watch cartoons for a few minutes!
  5. Snuggling in bed with Hannah, dolly and Elmo.  Seriously Hannah has the most soft smushy toddler skin ever and I just love getting close
  6. Getting my first hug in the morning from Chris.  He always knows just how to squeeze the sleepiness out of me!
  7. Going downstairs and being greeted by my niece.  They live in the basement of our house while saving money for their first house.  I'm really going to miss them when they are no longer living with us.  It'll be really hard on all of us.
  8. Tim Hortons - need I say more?
  9. Turning my computer on each morning to see what's new on the interwebs!
  10. Going home after a long and sometimes stressful day to see my beautiful little girl.  Most every night she crawls on my lap when I get home for a quick snuggle session before our crazy night time routine starts and the day is done!
Really, I am truly blessed to have such an amazing life!  I probably could think of a million more things during the day that make me smile for instance...

11. talking to my mom at least 1 but it's usually more like 3 or 4 times on the phone throughout the day.  I love that we have such a close relationship! 

12.  Walking down the stairs at work when Chris and I are going out for lunch (we work at the same place) and he's standing there wait for me.  He isn't usually there and I have to wait FOREVER for him, but when he is it always makes me smile.

Okay that's it!  I'll leave it with 12! 

What makes you smile everyday?  Tell me about it.


  1. I loooove your list! So sweet! Being a mommy really is a blessing!

  2. You live the life and I think we all do if we wrote down 10 things that make us smile.

  3. Aah, such a sweet list!!

  4. Sounds like your life is full of love. I think that is beautiful.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. It's such a great exercise, especially when you're throwing a pitty party for yourself, to remember all the things you have to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your list - it brought a smile to my face!