Thursday, January 05, 2012

Remember this post? {101 things in a 1001 days}

You can find the original post here but this is the just of it.  I followed a trend happening in 2009 that told me to do 101 things in 1001 days.  Doesn't sound to bad right?  I think the hardest part was to create the darn list. LOL

Heres the list (with things crossed off that I've already complete)

Starting today - Thursday, December 3rd 2009
Ending date - Thursday, August 30th, 2012

  1. Try to find time for at least 1 page of Hannah's first year scrapbook, I'm only on month 4 :(  (Seriously, I'm not sure I'll find time)
  2. Find a photography mentor
  3. Buy a new car (I hope this is one of the first I can check off)
  4. Calibrate my monitor
  5. Send a homemade card to someone just because
  6. Make my own family Christmas cards
  7. and actually send them out at Christmas (rather than just sitting on the computer or in a pile next to my computer)
  8. Fill in the rest of Hannah's baby book
  9. Take Hannah to her first dentist appointment (I called to make the appointment and they told me that she doesn't need to have a check up until she's 3.  I guess that means this will be one of the last on my list to be checked off!)
  10. Make business cards
  11. Decide on an official business name
  12. Teach Hannah how to ice skate
  13. Take Hannah tobogganing
  14. Have a girls night out with my girlfriends
  15. Have a date night with Chris
  16. Loose at least 15 lbs but 25 or so would be lovely
  17. Go on another cruise (This probably won't be happening now that I'm pregnant - I was really hoping to take a cruise in September but I guess cruising companies won't allow anyone on the ship after they've reached 24 weeks.  How much does that suck!!!)
  18. Update my resume
  19. Attend EVERY GRIPS meeting for the year
  20. Have Hannah in a daycare at least part time
  21. Start getting paying clients
  22. Blog every day for an entire week with a new photo in each post (not from the same session) (0/7)
  23. Buy a boat
  24. Catch a big fish
  25. Leave Hannah with my parents for a sleepover
  26. Leave Hannah with Chris's parents for a sleepover
  27. Plan a trip for just Chris and I
  28. Potty train Hannah
  29. Redo my front garden
  30. Come to work at least one day and not be VERY frustrated by the noise (Haha, I probably setting myself up for failure now, because I find this VERY unlikely to happen)
  31. Paint my en-suite
  32. Paint my bedroom
  33. Paint my upstairs hallway (maybe all the painting should be under one?)
  34. Change Hannah over to her "Big Girl" room
  35. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week (56/56)
  36. Clean my scrap booking room
  37. Help my sister and her family move into their first house
  38. Buy a new comfy computer chair
  39. Decide what I want to be when I grow up
  40. Read at least 25 of the books on this list (3/25) *I took this right off the list of the other blog - I love some of the movies on this list and I always love reading the books that inspired them.  Plus I've already read a few of them - but that probably doesn't count does it :(  In progress
  41. Start a K.Shiell photography fan page on Facebook
  42. Stop biting my finger nails!
  43. For an entire week keep my finger nails painted and DON'T pick it off (0/7)
  44. Nail down my exposure each and every time I take a picture
  45. Have a family photo taken (isn't it sad, we've never had this done :()
  46. Attend a birth as a birth photographer - this would be amazing!!!
  47. Watch the sunrise on a beach
  48. Take Hannah swimming in the lake
  49. Start Hannah in swimming lessons
  50. Host a dinner party
  51. Have a games night
  52. Keep this list updated until August 30th 2012
  53. Watch 10 "classic" movies I haven't seen before (0/10)
  54. Buy a new mattress for my bed
  55. Get 1 massage a month for 4 months (0/4)
  56. Read all of Scott Kelbys books from his trio of Digital Photography books (2.5/3)
  57. Get my wedding dress dry cleaned and preserved (yes - it's been over 3 years)
  58. Donate all of my unused old clothes to the Salvation Army - this also means cleaning out my closest...maybe this should be two In progress
  59. Clean out my closet
  60. Ask 10 complete strangers on the street if I can take their picture (0/10)
  61. Write up a model release form
  62. Bring lunch to work everyday for a week (0/5)
  63. Ride my bike to work for a week (0/5)
  64. Take a photo walk around Stratford
  65. Attend a KWLT production
  66. Stop drinking pop for 1 month (30/30)
  67. Take Hannah to a park to fly a kite
  68. Shave my legs everyday for 2 weeks (14 12/14)
  69. Take Hannah on a picnic
  70. Attend a yoga class
  71. Plant a veggie garden
  72. Train the dog to not dig up previous list item (How sucky is it that after about 3 weeks of the garden being planted, my stupid dog jumped in and started to dig up the stuff that was already sprouting!!  Sometimes I hate my dog!!!  We now have increased the height of the fence by double, so she hasn't been in since!)
  73. Go to the doctor for my annual checkup
  74. Mentor a new photographer
  75. Meet the women on my birth board
  76. Call someone I haven't talked to in a while
  77. Play golf (I've never done this before)
  78. For 1 entire month - no Starbucks in the morning (30/30)
  79. Print my favorite pictures - frame them
  80. Create a couple of sample coffee table books for showing clients
  81. Try snowboarding
  82. Buy a new lens
  83. Use the video camera more
  84. Eat an apple a day for 2 weeks (0/14)
  85. Attempt to make Indian food one night for dinner
  86. Watch an entire football game :S (I dread this)
  87. Start tanning again
  88. Start working on my professional website
  89. Start working on my portfolio
  90. Apply for PrePro
  91. Get accepted to PrePro
  92. Win something from the many blog contests I enter each and every day
  93. Do not check my Facebook account at all in an entire day
  94. Start a second 101 things to do in 1001 days list
  95. Take a few night courses
  96. In one day get over 175 people (my current record) to my blog
  97. Have coffee with someone I haven't seen in a while
  98. Give money to a charity
  99. Help a homeless person
  100. Take my grandparents out for an evening
  101. Do another boudoir photo shoot'
So since I last updated I was able to complete 9 things from my list.  After reading through the list of things some of them definitely don't make sense anymore.  I do not plan on starting a photography company anymore.  It's still a dream of mine but I think there are just too many things to work around and it's not right for me, at least at this time.  I am going to leave the things on my list because I think it'll be fun to see how many of the original I can complete but just fair warning.  I KNOW I WILL NOT COMPLETE THEM ALL!

 So I was able to complete
 9. Take Hannah to her first dentist appointment

12. Teach Hannah to ice skate <- she LOVES it
20. Have Hannah in daycare part time - she goes to preschool twice a week and has been going since July and again she LOVES it
38. Buy a new comfy computer chair
58. Donate all of my unused old clothes to the Salvation Army
59. Clean out my closet
92. Win something from the many blog contests I enter each and every day <- I have a few times now
97. Have coffee with someone I haven't seen in a while <- an old high school friend and I got together after having our kiddos a week apart.  We had a great time and have gotten together a few times since.
101. Do another boudoir photo shoot <- SO MUCH FUN!!!

 There, now I only have 64 left to do before August!

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  1. You are getting there...have you not taken Hannah on a picnic? and you took mom and dad out to dinner didn't you?