Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Diane Lai Skin Care Review

  My niece has borderline eczema on her hands so I was very excited when I received a package from Diane Lai that contained Smooth - Spot treatment, Rejuvenate - daily moisturizer and Fresh - body wash (as well as a small sample of the spot treatment).  I decided right away I would get my niece to use the spot treatment twice a day for a week and let me know the results.

She gave me that review a couple of days ago and said "Look Auntie, I love it".  He hands were SO much better.  They weren't cracked, blister-y or bright red.  They were still a little rough in spots but she was so excited about how quickly it cleared it up.  She had tried everything and I know her Mom was getting tired of buying expensive creams/lotions that didn't do the job.  She also told me she loved how smooth it made her hands and she "could feel the softness all day" <- her words :)

I of course had to give it a try as well but I used the daily moisturizer and the Fresh body wash.  I love that I'm using "clean" products on my body and have no fear of my children or I being exposed to ugly hurtful chemicals.  It also smells great without being over powering and hurtful to my nose. 

The great thing about Diane Lai is their products are great for anyone in the family, adults, infants, toddlers and anyone with highly sensitive skin.  Their mission is to develop all natural organic quality products that maintain high standards for use by our own children and family. 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero Parabens
  • Zero Sulfates
  • Zero Lanolin
  • Zero Phthalates
  • Zero Formaldehyde
  • Zero Artificial Fragrance
  • Zero Artificial Colorants
  • Zero Retinols
  • Zero Petro Chemicals
  • Zero Oxybenzone
They are Canadian too! 

What a great product!  I'm so happy to have been give the opportunity to try it!  

Disclaimer * I was given this product for review.  This blog post was not required but I felt I liked the product enough to share it with my readers*


  1. Good to read about a great Canadian product. Glad that it worked to help clear up your neices hands. I loved her review of it too! cute

  2. Great review (I'm a little late checking it out, I know) But thanks for letting us use it. It has been amazing and worked so well. Better than anything else I've tried.
    Looking at getting a supply for our home, thanks again!