Outdoor Adventure Challenge - Challenge #2

10:59 PM

This weeks challenge over at A Busy Mommy was a Scavenger Hunt!  (Here's the list, if you'd like to take a look around for yourself, some of them are pretty tough to find)

Jen compiled a list of things for us to find outside and we were required to take a photo of it and post it for others to see!  How fun is that!

We headed to the zoo to see what all we could find.  I think in all the excitement I actually forgot to get photos of a few of the things but I did get most!

Here they are!

A tree
A Stump
A tent
A Flower
A seed
A frog
A bird
A body of water
A dandylion

A bridge

A lilypad

A bear! :)

A fun one of all of us! :)  What a great trip!
Be sure to check out the challenge!  It's great fun!

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  1. Love all the pictures but the very last one is my fave! Sounds and looks like everyone had a great day at the Zoo!


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