Monday, June 20, 2011

#GetOutdoors Challenge #3

This weeks challenge over at A Busy Mommy was to just get outside.  Unfortunately Jen has had some sponsorship issues so she didn't have much of a challenge this week and I therefore don't have many pictures.  We spend so much time outside each and every week so I sometimes forget to get photos.  Lucky for me, I'm camera happy and LOVE to take photos/videos of my kiddos so I do have a few!

The kids and I went to the trailer on Thursday (Daddy showed up Friday night) and of course we spend A TON of time outside there.  That's why we love it there, we went swimming at the beach (I can't believe I forgot to get photos of the first time E went "swimming", and H swimming to the dock and jumping)!  Oh well next time for sure!   We went fishing, bbqing, baseball playing, bon-firing, lounging, etc.  We did it all and had a great time doing it!

Hanging out on the deck with his toys! 

Her favorite summer activity...FISHING!

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  1. did anything ever come out of the challenges? Did she ever get back to you about them?