Friday, September 24, 2010

The smell is driving me nuts!

I need help!  Some serious help!  I can't get the smell out of our cloth diapers?   I've tried everything, extra rinses, extra hot washes, more detergent, less detergent, a different cycle, adding towels to the load, baking soda, vinegar, you name it I've tried it!  I'm at a total loss!!!  I've read pretty much every website out there telling me it's probably not enough water in the HE washer or that theres a build up of detergent but HOW THE HECK DO I FIX IT?!?!?!

The smell isn't even after the diaper is is done drying but when Hannah wakes up in the morning after peeing in her diaper throughout the night.  It's got a horrible horrible smell (and my pregnancy nose CANNOT handle it)!  And the even worse part of all of this is her poor's red, chapped, sore, and burnt looking!  It makes my heart break!  She says it doesn't hurt and hasn't ever complained about it but it just looks so sore!  Usually I can clear it up in about a day and a half by using Bum Bum Balm (I really need to do a review of this stuff, it's incredible!!!) but I just feel so bad that I'm not able to get these diapers clean enough to protect her poor bum!

I'm also really worried because I planned on using the same diapers for when "baby brother" is born in November.  I just couldn't think of putting a diaper that hurts Hannah's bum so bad on a brand spankin' new sensitive bum of a newborn (plus if he's anything like his sister when she was born he'll have super sensitive skin)!

So please for the love of all things cloth diapering!  If you have a trick to get rid of the funk, HELP ME!  I need it!  I'm getting really fed up with this and just want to scream!

HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!!! Please! :)

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