Monday, March 08, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates

Finally I've got a couple updates for my 101 things list, it's not much but it counts! :)

13. Take Hannah tobogganing
 Chris and I decided we'd head to the trailer on Saturday to see if there was any way we could walk through the snow to check it out and make sure things were alright.  Well we didn't make it to the trailer.  We parked at the front gate, got bundled in our snow suits put Hannah on the sled and started our trek in.  We didn't even make it half way in when the show was over of knees.  We turned around and just found a nice hill to toboggan on.  Hannah really enjoyed it and playing in the snow afterwords.  She loved throwing snowballs at Sage (our boxer) and Sage loved catching the snowballs Hannah threw to her!  It was a beautiful day and even though we didn't make it all the way in we still made the best of it and  had a great day!

68. Shave my legs everyday for 2 weeks (1412/14)
 I did this really only because I had too! LOL
Obviously I didn't want to be in the Dominican with nasty hairy legs so I started about a week before shaving everything to make sure I would be silky smooth while away.  Each day we were there I shaved too.  Come to think of it maybe it wasn't quite 2 weeks because I certianly wasn't shaving my legs while in the hospital.  Darn it! I thought I completed this...oh well I'll shave tonight and tomorrow and call it done! :)

83. Use the video camera more
We used this a lot while we were gone, heck we even have video from both Hannah and I in the hospital.  (Now I just need to upload it).  We'll continue to use the camera more because we love the results afterword, I love having video of us and our family trips, fun things we do, etc.  I'm so glad Chris decided to get the video camera! :)

Anyway, that's it for now!  I'll check back in later!


  1. Well.....???? Don't leave us in suspense!! Did you shave your legs for 2 more days?? hehe

  2. Crap! I was hoping no one would actually hold me to it! No I didn't - I'll do it tonight I promise! :)