Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer ~Wk 1~ Nature

We had a great week away at the trailer, we couldn't have asked for a better and easier way to be immersed into nature and explore our great planet than to spend a week there, swimming, playing, hiking, kite flying and more!

We had such a great time we actually didn't even do all of the fun things I had planned for us.

Unfortunately the first few days we were there it was cold, and rainy!  Yeah! for Canada's unpredictable weather!  That's alright though we went ahead and did all things we would do if the sun was shining anyway, fishing, a nature walk/scavenger hunt, sun catchers, we even went to the beach!

And then finally the last few days of our vacation warmed up, the sun was shining and we made some great art, soaked in the rays with some more fishing, swimming, made some bird feeders and we even played with a few chipmunks (sorta)! Haha

We really enjoyed the little scavenger hunt/nature walk we went on but then started to get badly bite by mosquitos in the forest so we turned around and explored a little more out in the open.  I think because of all the rain we had on the weekend (pretty much 2 full days of rain) they were especially bad.

Looking for things on our nature walk, we were painting with the things we found when we got back to the trailer
We brought along a box with us for our walk/hunt so that we could grab a few things along the way to paint with when we got back to the trailer.  That was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed looking for new ways to paint.  It was great to see their little minds thinking of different textures (pinecones, moss, and flowers) and how they might paint.

By the time we got back to the trailer Ev didn't feel like doing the painting with us and just wanted to swing and play on the monkey bars, so H and I took to it and started out by writing Mother nature a note with a stick that we found.
I knew that I wanted to try sharpening a stick into a point and using it as a pen so during our walk I looked for one the same size as a pencil and used our regular pencil sharpener to sharpen it.  It was cool and a neat way for H to write a special note to Mother Nature about creating everything so beautiful and perfect.

And of course minnow catching is a great way to see nature and understand life, and lifecycle. The kids were very excited to have caught 6 minnows, a few snails and lots of algae, lillypads and weeds.

Ev, of course loved fishing for the big fish.  He didn't catch anything this time but that doesn't stop him.  He's a real little fisherman and could spend many hours next to his Grandpa looking for the "big one".

 My littlest just watching everyone enjoying the not so lovely weather!

We also plan to work on letters over the summer and are doing 3 letters per week.  Everett is headed into SK and Hannah in grade 2 (so she doesn't need the help but still really enjoys the activities). They enjoyed our first A is for Alligator activity and talking about all the words that start with the letter A, it was fun to hear the different things they came up with.  

 I'll post some more of this week in a bit, stay tuned for some more awesome activity and craft ideas!  It was a great week!

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