Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer ~Wk 1~ Nature Pt 3 Messy Archery

Just as it sounds from the title, we enjoyed a fun and super messy activity the day after Canada Day.

The kids LOVED this and had a blast making some really cool art.  I should mention, I knew beforehand that my kids love messy art.  Just at the end of May, for my daughters 7th birthday we went to a local art studio and had a splatter party.  It's exactly as it sounds, splatter paint by flicking paintbrushes, using balloons, squirting using droppers, etc. So I knew they'd love this activity.

And they did!

I bought two canvases from the dollar store and taped them to the side of our shed at the trailer.

We used 4 different colours of craft paint (blue, yellow, green and black) and used a bow and arrow set that we also purchase at a dollar store and away we went.  It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed trying their best to hit the canvas.

And the end result was fantastic.  We're planning on hanging them up at the trailer just have to bring up the nails to do it.  I can't wait to show off how great they turned out.

My niece also enjoyed the activity as well.  She's older (10) but seemed to like the idea, unfortunately I wasn't sure she was going to be there so I didn't have a canvas for her and she gave up early and didn't care for doing it when it was just a piece of paper.  

Next time for sure, because I definitely see this being an activity we'll repeat, and probably a few times.

Here's Hannah's finished masterpeice, and a snapshot of her being super silly! :)

And Everetts! :)

If you aren't afraid of a mess, pick a few colours and let the kids shoot away, I guarantee they will love it and you'll have some new art work for your house! :)


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