Friday, December 12, 2014

Remember this post {A day in the life}

A day in the life

Remember how hectic it was, how crazy our days were when we were trying to just get out of the house to work (my husband and I), our sitter would come to our house and we were the only ones that had to look presentable (sort of) in the morning.

We'll I really want to do another post just like that one, but include in it all the things we have to do now!  Both my kids are in school, so we have homework to sign, papers to send back, cheques to write, lunches to make, they both have to look presentable (sort of), both Husband and I have to look presentable (sort of).  Oh yeah and did I mention I'm 27 weeks pregnant, and still dealing with morning/all day sickness!

Yes you read that right!  We are expecting again!  We're adding a third bundle of joy to our crazy family.  And as Everett likes to remind me all the time that means we have 5 people and two dogs in our family.  That's 7 total!!

So, I'm not complaining, I love our crazy hectic life.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love that we are busy in the morning, we are busy during the day (the kids are both in school full time), I work full time, hubby's working and then most evenings we are busy too!  Hannah's dancing is taking up a lot of time, and Everett's playing soccer!

I wonder by this baby comes in March how much of our life will still be crazy hectic and a whirlwind for anyone looking from the outside in, or if it'll slow down a few paces?  I'm excited to find out.

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