Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our 5k! #RunningLikeAGirl

Well we did it!  We ran the color me rad 5k and we had a great time!  This year was in a different location and to be honest I loved it!  I thought the scenic route was beautiful to look at and the route itself had some great ups and downs!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we decided this year to run it with our girls (6 and 9).  They enjoyed the colors, the people and being together.

The weather was nice but VERY VERY hot, I think we're very lucky that we chose our start time at 9am because it would have been to hot otherwise.  The kids both had to take a couple of breaks because they were getting so hot.  Thanks to colour me rad though for supplying us with water thought out race!

Great ready, set, go!  We're off!
There are so many people at these races, that I find it very difficult to get right to running at the start, so we took our time and had a little bit of fun with this road block and pretending we were hurdlers.  The photographers loved it and keep asking for more!

 But we always have time for a little fun!
and giggles

About to head into the purple colour station.  A favourite colour of most!
I wish there was some way that the colours could be distributed a bit better.  It's hard to get totally coloured up when it's just a few people standing around and throwing it at people as they run by.  It's fun but I think cannons, or something would make it WAY more exciting!

Running hard to the finish!
We're finished!!
It was a great time, the kids were tired!  I was happy to have done it again and I can only image that next year Krystal and I will be able to do it again but this time running the entire thing.  We're going to train and I mean it this time!  We're going to practice and we can only go up from here!

I look forward to next year and can't wait to share that with you too!


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  1. Congrats to all 4 of you. Love that you did it this time with the girls. The pictures show that you all had a great time.