Monday, June 23, 2014

What I've been reading

I love reading and summer time is a great time to read especially.  A cold bevy, a porch, the sun, a comfy chair and you're transported to a new world that you can only find in books.

Lately I've been really enjoying reading ebooks.  I don't have a eReader but use the Kobo app on my iPad to read.  It's convenient and transports easily, I can read in bed at night without the light on to keep up hubby, I can read in the car (at night).  But, I'll never stop loving the smell of a new (or used) book though.

So the past couple of weeks, I've finished a couple of books.  First I finished the 3rd book in K.A Tuckers series call Four Seconds to Lose and then I finished The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) and now I'm half way through The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.  I have to say I've been in love with these books.  I have really enjoyed each one of them equally.

I'm going to do a little review of K.A Tuckers Four Seconds to Lose, because I think it's worth the read!

**Beware, I try my best to not include spoilers, but don't hate on me if there is something you might not like hearing.**

Four Seconds to Lose, Written by K.A Tucker

What's it about?

The main character, Charlie Rourke, is running.  She's changed her name, and she's looking for a job.  She meets someone, who knows where she could get a job that will pay her well.  It's a strip club owned by Cain.  She's not sure she can handle taking her clothes off for strangers but knows she won't have to do it long, she just needs enough to escape.

Little does she know, she's about to find the love of her life (her new boss), and her plans are thrown out the window.  She can't tell him about her past, and he knows she's keeping secrets.  When she leaves town, he needs to find out why.  With help from a PI he finds out her real past and is able to track her down.

Did I like the book?

I did,  I really liked how K.A Tucker brings people from her previous books to this one, it gives you a better understanding of the character and their point of view (each book has been a different POV).  The ending wasn't quite as good as I expected.  There is so much build up throughout the book that I found the ending was a bit to short.  It happened to quickly, and I kind of wished there was just a bit more too it.
The characters are memorable and I really enjoyed getting to know them.  It was a great adventure.  I would definitely recommend reading it.

My score

4 stars out of 5

Oh yeah and just an FYI - Five Ways to Fall, the 4th in the Ten Tiny Breaths, written by K.A Tucker is coming very very soon!

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  1. Great Review! I love K.A Tucker. She's a phenomenal author, her books are great! I'm excited to get my hands on Five Ways to Fall - it's finally come out, but I've got lots on the go right now I can't justify getting it right now (and "wasting" a whole day doing nothing but reading!)

    Great Post!