Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5k run this weekend

Well we made it, we didn't run quite as much as we hoped too in order to prepare for our 5k but we're almost there and we're ready!  We've got our shoes (although Krystal's not sure which pair), we've got our energy and we're ready to run the Color Me Rad 5k race again this year!

Last year before our race we Zumba'd at the city hall 
It's not an intense race but it's fun exactly what we need, because like I said our training schedule sort of went out the window this past few months.  With busy lives, crappy weather and just not feeling the motivation Krystal and I failed, BIG time!

Thanks to Simon and Schuster for hooking us up with some great swag though to help us prepare and save the little motivation we did have.  The socks, hair ties, water bottle, and journal were perfect!  And if you are looking for some more motivation to get out on the streets and prepare for a run, I'd reccomend looking up Alexandra Heminsley's Running Like a Girl, Notes on Learning to Run.  It's not a guide to teach you to run per say but more of the story behind how she got running marathons.  Her back story and the emotion she felt as she "learns to run" is so true and feelings that all new runners (at least Krystal and I) have felt.  The lack of motivation when you feel like you body is falling apart, the aches, pains and crappy weather.  She talks about it all, oh yeah and the worry about washroom breaks while you're out running too!  It's definitely worth a read.  It's a quick and easy book and won't take long to "run" through *see what I did there! :)

Last year after we finished the race
We're both running with our kids this year so I'm sure we'll have lots of laughs, lots of giggles and I'm sure they will be a big motivation to KEEP moving.  They are going to have a blast running through all the colour stations with us.  I can't wait for our photos.  I will definitely have an update when we're done to show everyone just how messy we got!

I'm very excited!

Our mommy group "Better Me Than Hue".  This year it's just Krystal and I running for #runninglikeagirl 

See you on the other side!


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  1. Any updates on this run? Bet the girls loved it!