Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Learning to run

I've always loved the idea of running, it seems so peaceful.  Put on some headphones, great music and run.  A great time to think, a great time to reflect and some alone time.

I see people running down the street and wish that someday I might be able to do that too!

So I've decided that I'm going to start, I've tried before and it always ended in a lot of pain, and I gave up.  But this time I'm going to do it.  I’ve got a bit of motivation this time -> this blog! a goal to RUN the colour me RAD run this year (last year I walked it with a couple of friends, I had a horrible chest cold and there was NO way I was even going to attempt running it).  I’ve even got Simon & Schuster Canada behind me for motivation and support.  This year I’m #runninglikeagirl and will be sharing my journey training for my first fully run 5k in June.

I will be posting photos, ideas, goals, and motivation here on the blog!  And of course I'm not doing it alone, my sister is also along for the ride.  We are doing it together and she'll be posting her journey along the way too!  Check her blog out at Stellar Book blog

#runninglikeagirl with Simon & Schuster and Alexandra Heminsley

We'll also be reading Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley and keeping our own notes on how we have learned to run.  Alexandra believed she "wasn't born to run" and she has now surpassed her goal and has run 5 marathons!   Right!  I can only dream, train and get excited about running!

Wish us luck!  As I mentioned I'll be posting my journey. Krystal will be posting hers, and if you have a running journey I'd love to hear, leave a comment to a blog, links, etc.

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