Thursday, November 24, 2011

A day in the life....

I thought it might be fun to post a quick overview of what my day looks like now that I'm back to work.  Being from Canada I had a year maternity leave so it's a BIG adjustment when I have to head back to work.

I started back a couple of weeks ago (hence the lack of blog posts) and have slowly been adjusting and getting back in the routine of things.

The night before work:
- Prepare dinner for tomorrow morning.  I've been trying to use the crock pot as much as possible to make the coming home routine a bit easier.
- Add water and coffee to the coffee maker, auto run the coffee maker for the morning
- Make lunches for Chris and I
- Watch TV, knit, RELAX
- Go to bed around 11-11:30pm

5:30am Everett is awake and in my bed.  Hubby gets up each morning and brings him in when he starts whining.  It gives me a bit more time and it's much more pleasent to just nurse him in bed.
6:00am First alarm, hit snooze
6:15am Get up, go pee, bush my teeth etc.
6:30am Have a shower if I need it.  
6:45am Start the process that is my hair (hopefully my kiddos are still sleeping)
7:15am Hair is done and kids are most likely up.  Hubby is snuggling in bed with them watching Treehouse.  How come he never needs to get up so early!  Hopefully my makeup is done at this point as well
7:30am Get dressed and head downstairs with kids in tow
7:31am If I forgot to set the coffee to come on, then make coffee  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP IN THE PROCESS
7:45am Sit down with the kids, talk, snuggle, etc
8:00am I'm drinking coffee! YUMMY!
8:15am My mom comes around this time.  She's our sitter :)
8:17am Get mom coffee, sit down for a couple of minutes
8:30am Get the kids breakfast
8:35am Head out the door.
8:45am I'm at work!

So that's it!  Sounds pretty easy right....but don't' forget in between each of these, I'm running after my son who is diaper less and peed on the floor. He is now playing in it and it's everywhere.  My daughter is screaming at me because she wants the TV, Wii, xbox, some sort of electronic device on and it's not working.  My dogs are freaking out because they have to pee and if I don't get to the door right now they might actually squat and pee on the floor - it's that URGENT!  The doors locked when my mom shows up so the dogs are barking like crazy dogs, the boy is screaming because the dogs are barking and it scared him.  The girls are screaming because it scared them and they are excited that Nana is here and I NEED TO DRINK COFFEE!!!

my day continued

12:00pm lunch
4:30pm Time to head home....are you ready???
4:45pm I'm home, the dogs are barking, Everett is whining because he wants to nurse, Hannah wants to show me something, my mom is telling me how the day was, I need coffee, Keira is talking to her mom and upset that Nana is leaving, the phones ringing, the dogs need out.....
5:00pm Sit down and nurse Everett
5:15pm Maybe Ev has let go of me, maybe not
5:30pm If dinner wasn't put in the crock pot I start dinner.  If there was dinner in the slow cooker. I start preparing the sides.
6:15pm My sister gets home from work....repeat 4:45pm all over again
6:20pm Sit down and eat dinner...sounds relaxing right???  The dogs need out again...seriously how do they possibly pee/poop so much.  The dogs need their dinner, Everett is VERY tired and is whining, the kids are fighting about the utensils they are using, the milk spills, stay on the carpet dogs!  Hannah and Keira are each trying to tell us what's going on in their lives but they won't wait their turn so they are trying to talk over each other.  The door bell rings, the dogs bark, Everett screams, the girls cry - oh wait other way around..The dogs are at the door and won't let us answer it, we get it open a crack and it's someone wanting to sell us windows for our brand new home...the dog got around the neighbored, we've got the dog!  Oh wait the other dog needs we go again....
7:20pm bath time for the kids and for mommy!
8:00pm everyone is in bed 

and it starts all over again the next day!

It's crazy!  Maybe one day I'll get my husband to run around behind me with a camcorder.  No, wait, that's a VERY VERY VERY bad idea!

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  1. It's a crazy busy life that is for sure! I love your writing, you made me tired just reading it!