Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sorry I haven't been around much!  I'm just busy!  Life has gotten the best of me.

I've been knitting all my Christmas projects, doing TONS of photo shoots again (LOVE), trying to get things straightened out with going back to work (2 weeks....), installing new flooring in the main area of my house, staying with my mom while that got done, helping my sister adjust to her full time job, and start my new blogging adventure: TangledKnits (currently empty)!

TangledKnits is going to be my strictly knitting site.  This will be where I talk about all the projects I'm working on (did I mention that's 5 projects at the same time currently?), projects I've completed, I'm hoping to start a podcast, review knitting related things, etc.  I'm excited about this and of course things to come on GetHealthyMomma - so bare with me.  I'm working on some fun things for both! :)

In the mean time keep checking back here and on Facebook because I'm hoping that my 100 followers on Facebook giveaway will be happening soon! :) So if you haven't already head over there and "Like" GetHealthyMomma.  Be sure to get your friends to check it out too!

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  1. I've missed your posts but understand that home life always comes first! Family is number 1! Looking forward to reading more here and at your new site!