Sunday, July 03, 2011

Great Canadian Blog Bash Winner!

Alright so I have a winner!

Of all 105 entries, entry number 4 was chosen!

Krystal told me in her entries that she was impressed that the Diva Cup was made in Canada (she had no idea), she would like to try the Germs-be-gone cleaner from Claudia's Choices (a lot of other entries said the same thing), and Krystal also said she'd like to try Everyday Styles Honey Garlic Chipotle dip! :)  Sounds great!  Thanks for entering!

Congrats Krystal!  I have sent the e-mail and will be looking forward to a reply with your mailing address by July 5th or else a new winner will be selected! :)

Thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned for a few reviews/giveaways coming up in the next couple of weeks! :)