Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cloth diapers plus the sun {amazing!}

I know I mentioned this before but I thought I'd show you exactly what i'm talking about!

I LOVE hanging diapers on the line, it makes me feel all domestic and stuff! Plus of course I love the fact that I'm using my dryer just a few less times a week! Oh yeah and of course stain free diapers are amazing as well!

Interested in knowing how the sun gets rid of stains? I was so I did a little research!!

Check it out!

The sun is a big fiery ball of helium and hydrogen, these atoms push together to form helium and energy! This energy makes heat and different forms of light -visible light, infrared light and UV (ultra violet). The part that we as cloth diaper mama's/daddy's care about is the ultra violet rays - these rays are so strong that they are able to break apart the molecular structure and change the way the light is reflected back - this right here ladies and gentlemen is what removes stains from your baby's diapers or from your sweat stained white t-shirt you wear to the gym! This photochemical change can also remove odors and bacteria if left in the sun long enough!

I promise give it a try and report back! I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised! Wash your diapers as usual and then hang them on the line -warm weather or cold it'll do the diapers good! If it is cold outside you will need to leave them out a bit longer but you will definitely see a difference.


Take a look!
I know really I am posting a picture of a poo stain deal with it! LOL (maybe I should have a disclaimer at the beginning)?

I left the diapers in the line for about four hours - it was a beautiful day the sun was bright and warm! But it was minus 20 degrees CELIUS!!! -20!! It's freezing but check it out! ZERO stains! After the four hours I brought the diapers in and tossed them in the dryer (they are frozen solid at this point) soften them, warm them up, and dry any that may still be a little wet and ta-da! Diapers like new! Now go---



  1. wow, good info there. All I knew is that the sun magically made stains dissappear! To be honest though, I never thought about the white t-shirt for some reason. HMmm, maybe I should get a retractable line for outside!

  2. No diapers for me, my kids have kids of their own. But I love vintage linens and I learned this trick from my Granny years ago. Vintage linens can be too fragile for bleach, but sunshine will take those yellow age spots out like magic.

  3. Too bad we aren't allowed to have a clothes line in our yard...Sheets used to smell so good after being hung out all day.

  4. Fantastic! I can't have a clothes line (visible) in my back yard, either, so I plan to have my husband make a clothes rack for me! Maybe I'll use a retractable line on the patio until then :) That way, the neighbors still can't see!