Friday, March 04, 2011

AMP One Size Duo diaper review

Disclaimer - I was given this product(s) free of charge for review purposes.  These opinions are 100% my own.

Ease of use - So so easy to use! Husband tested (pocket not AI2) and he loves it! :)  Everything is easy about this diaper - the rise is simple, the snaps adjustments for waist and thighs are easy to use. 

$$$ - A great price for a great diaper!  $20 gets you the cover and another $5-$8 gets you the insert!  I will say what I always say and that is spend more money on quality diapers and you won't have the stress, it'll be as easy as disposables!

Performance -  GREAT!  We didn't have any issues with this combination of diaper and insert (3 layer hemp).  One night we had a bit of wicking onto my sons PJ's but he slept for over 6 hours that night.  The performance of this diaper is amazing.  We could use this for days when we are out and don't  have easy access to a change table and at night and I was always confident that he'd be nice and dry.

Fit - A great fit! I love the diapers trim fit even with the thickest of inserts I found the diaper wasn't overly big and this clothes fit him great!

E in his blue AMP OS Duo
Overall - I love this diaper and have purchased a few of the bamboo stuffers for my personal stash and can't say enough great things about them!  I REALLY like them! :)  I think the quality of the diaper speaks for itself.  I really like the elastic front of the diaper and I find because of this E doesn't have a gap at the front that could possibly leak.  E doesn't get any red marks on his legs from the elastic legs either which is very nice. I think the diaper seems very comfy on him! 

By the way, check out this colour selection!
How can you decide which colours to choose, what a great variety! :)

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  1. Great review! I love the new pics at the top of your page and I love E's cute pic on your review!