Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Update

It's been a little while since I last updated on my weight. I figure today is better than never!

A quick update - Before I got pregnant, a year ago now, I was the biggest I have ever been. I weighed in at 223lbs. I was really working at trying to loose some weight but found out that I was pregnant just a couple of months into it. So I couldn't actively try to loose any. I tried to stay as healthy as I could while pregnant and luckily I didn't gain too much. In total I gain about 14lbs. Everyone including my midwives were happy with that.

So after I had E, I was on a mission to loose my baby fat and get back to a healthy and happy weight. I started to look into my options, nutrisystem, weight watchers, etc. The problem with that is I'm nursing E and I plan on nursing him for as long as I can. Therefore none of these options work for me. So I started to look into options that nursing moms can use and found that just healthy eating habits, lots of water, and moderate exercise were really my only options.

That's easy enough! I can handle that and so far I have. I'm down to about 214lbs! I'm happy with that progress but you know what I appreciate even more than the wight I've lost. It's the inches. So far I've lost a total of 12 inches! Between, my arms, waist, belly, thighs I've shed a total of 12 inches. I couldn't be happier.

I will try to post each week from now on, probably on Mondays (why not get involved in McFatty Mondays) about my weight and once I start to figure out my exercise routine I'll post that on here as well but right now my exercise includes chasing a 2.75 year old around the house, while taking care of a very fussy 3 month old! It's a LOT of work, trust me!


  1. You look great! Looking forward to reading about your journey! Love you lots.

  2. Popping over from SITS to check out your blog. I'm a mom of two and can totally identify - I am a good 35 lbs heavier post-children than before. And as a mom who also works outside the home 9-6 four days a week, I have just about zero free time to exercise or focus on eating right. But I also know that'd not a good excuse and that every step, however tiny, does make a difference. I'll be stopping by here for more inspiration in the weeks ahead.

  3. PS Just to add that I think WW does have an option for nursing moms and also that there's a great 8 week program called Couch to 5km that eases you into running. You can find it on iTunes as a free podcast and also as an inexpensive app.