Thursday, February 10, 2011

WeeOnes by JaJoC Review

Thanks for coming back and checking out my Wee Ones review! I hope to have more of these in the future so stick around!

Ease of use - Very easy to use! Although I'm not sure my husband even tried this diaper because of the seperate liner. He likes pocket diapers for this reason. I found the diaper easy to put on and the rise was simple to adjust with two snaps

$$$ - I think the price is a little pricy at $31.95 but I've always thought it's worth spending on good products. Therefore I think the price is alright, the diaper worked as it should and they are super cute!

Performance - I had leaks, I'm not going to lie! I had leaks in spots that I didn't expect leaks (around the legs) but this was always after a longer period of time. I did try the diaper during naps and it was fine, I tired at night time and it leaked (E is sleeping about 8 hours through the night). With that being said, I still really liked the diaper! I loved the trim fit, and the performance was great for poops, it held all the poop where it was suppose to stay and the leg gussets work as they were suppose to. I just think it's more of a day time diaper.

Fit - AMAZING! I love this diapers trim fit! Sometimes as a cloth diapering mama, I get frustrated when pants don't fit because of big fluff bum. This diaper has a fantastic fit, it's very trim and most all pants fit properly. I really LOVED this about the diaper!

Overall - I think the diaper is great! I always reach for it when I know I'll be staying around the house and can easily change his bum after a couple of hours. I just feel it's the most comfy diaper I own because of how trim it is. E always seems happy and is able to move around pefectly fine when he's wearing it! I think it's a fantastic diaper and would recommend it for sure.

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