Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Back to school!

Summer vacation is officially over!

Kids are back to school today and we're all excited!  It's so hard to believe that summer holidays are over and soon the seasons will be changing from summer to fall.  We had a great summer, I had taken an extra 6 month leave of absence from work so I had the entire summer to spend with all the kids and we had a great time.  It's hard to see them go back to school but we were all starting to struggle without the daily routines of school.  It was definitely time to get back.

My schedule now for the blog will be Monday and Wednesday.  I'm hoping to keep this schedule for a bit and see what happens.  I'm looking forward to bringing GetHealthyMomma back to life.  It'll be exciting and new and hopefully can help me scratch the itch I was talking about in my last post.

Check it out and let me know, are you excited for the kids to be back in school?  Do you have anything planned to help scratch your creative itch?

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