Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday! (Well almost)

I know there haven't been many baby updates but I have a good excuse, trust me!  I know that people aren't really interested in the in's and out's of a baby each week, no one really cares that you baby gains 2 pounds in 2 weeks (mine did it in a week), or that he/she is eating every couple of hours and breastfeeding is going amazingly (which it is), people want pictures!!  I know this because I love pictures of babies.

The problem with this is my card reader is broken.  I don't know how it got broken but it won't read my memory cards anymore so I can't upload my pictures!  So now I'm waiting for Christmas before I can upload (I think someone is putting one under my tree!)

I've been taking lots of pictures I promise!

Anyway for now here are a couple we've taken over the past couple of weeks via my computer web cam!

Dec 2nd (5wks)

Dec 18th (7wks)

Dec 20th (7wks)

And a little something extra...Hannah and I being silly

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  1. Yay...some pics! What cuties they are. Even Sagey in the background sleeping in a couple of them.