Friday, October 01, 2010

It's all in a name....

Really, it's all about names lately!  With "baby brother" due in just 1 month, we really need to start thinking of a name for this kid.  Boy names have been very hard to make a decision on and from one day to the next I change my mind.  I'm getting frustrated and a bit worried that this little guy is always going to be called "baby brother" (although for the first little while I think it'll be cute that we all still call him "baby brother" just out of habit), I'd still like to have an offical name for him the day he's born!

So I'm calling on you guys, all of my readers (haha) to help me choose the "official" name for baby brother!  Of course, whatever you choose doesn't necessary mean we will for sure call him that but I'd appreciate your help! :)

Here's the list of names and a quick poll that I'd love for you to quickly fill out!

A little background, Alfred has to be the middle name, it's a family tradition that the first boy born in a family has the middle name of the great great great grandfather (I'm still not sure that's enough greats) of Chris's father.  So keep that in mind when choosing "baby brothers" name.  We are also not oppose to having two middle name, ie including Christopher would be very nice.  So if you can think of a nice combination of first name, middle name including Alfred and Christopher, with our last name that starts with S.  Then I'd really appreciate you and all of your help! :)

Thanks thanks thanks!!!!


  1. I like Jacob Christopher Alfred! I really can't wait to see other replies so come on everyone, give your opinion!

  2. Grandpa voted with "jacob william" not realizing that "alfred" would be a middle name. But Jacob William Alfred does sound nice too!

  3. Thanks for the votes everyone!

    Who voted for "Other" but never put a suggestion??? That really kind of defeats the purpose of having an other option. Oh well, hope this will help us get the little bit closer to choosing "his" name.